What Is Sciatica? How To Treat Sciatica? Exercises For Sciatica Pain

how to treat sciaticaWhat is Sciatica? How to treat Sciatica?

Pain due to compression or irritation is known as sciatica. Many people who lift heavy weights or loads face this problem due to a ‘slipped’ or torn disc. It is also a common problem amongst people (women, in particular) who suffer from osteoporosis. Some people may experience lower back pain and buttock pains while others suffering from sciatica would experience numbness to the extent that it may be difficult for them to work, move or sleep. The numbness occurs due to compression of the nerve while experiencing pain may have a herniated disc. This limits their movement and such people are usually advised to rest and not to lift anything heavy.

The treatment for sciatica depends on the cause of the problem. While some doctors may advice such a patient to make use of medicines to ease the pain, others argue that no kind or amount of medicine would help alleviate the pain. Sciatica is not a muscular problem- it has more to do with the nerves and absolutely nothing to do with our muscles. This is why muscle relaxants and pain killers do not help. Opioids and pain killers won’t do much either. Quite a few doctors seem to be of the opinion that injecting vitamin C and calcium into a person suffering from sciatica would be a good option. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Sciatica treatment

sciatica treatment

Sciatica relief

sciatica relief

Sciatica back painsciatica back pain

These injections won’t do anything to get rid of the pain. Certain doctors suggest spinal manipulation in cases of acute sciatica but this does not seem to be a viable solution for people suffering from chronic sciatica. Surgery of part of the disc could remedy the pain but this a short-term solution. Most people with sciatica experience numbness and/or pain again, after a few months or years.

What causes sciatica?

what causes sciatica

The good news is that sciatica tends to be a short-term problem in some people and patients are likely to be relieved of the pain after six to twelve weeks. Also psychiatrists and chiropractors could help deal with the issue by recommending that a person suffering from sciatica perform a few exercises for sciatica. Sciatica patients may be recommended to work on their core muscle strength and these are inclusive of stretching and strengthening exercises. Leg raises, crunches, Swiss-ball crunches, planks and press ups are great for sciatica pains. Performing such exercises would strengthen different parts of the body and helps alleviate the pain. It is important for anyone suffering from sciatica to perform light exercises and to ensure that their movements are correct or else the problem could be exacerbated.

sciatica back pain

how to treat sciatica

So, if you want to know how to treat sciatica the answer is to perform exercises for sciatica pain but if the problem does not seem to go away you may have to consider going for surgery instead. Sciatica is a persisting problem in older people. However, strengthening the core and stretching after exercises at younger ages could prevent the problem in younger people and your chances of suffering from the problem, at later stages, are minimized as well.

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