Can You Prevent Type 2 Diabetes?

You can take action to prevent type 2 diabetes.

how to prevent diabetesFocus on the things that you can change, for example, your diet and how active you are, but not on the things which you can’t change, such as your age or family medical history.

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Your doctor can let you know where you stand now. Many people have prediabetes, which means they are on the way to developing type 2 diabetes but can still have that turn around. And many of them do not know.

First line of defense: weight, diet and exercise

To lose pounds, eating better and getting active are some of the most important steps you can take.

There are people who are not obese, have type 2 diabetes. But extra weight puts you definitely at risk for the disease. In one study, overweight or obesity was the most important thing predicted to develop type 2 diabetes would. The results of the study showed that over 16 years, regular exercise – at least 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week – and a low-fat, high-fiber diet helped with type 2 diabetes prevention.

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Roles drugs in Diabetes Prevention

If you are at high risk for diabetes, your doctor may recommend going to help you on medication to prevent getting it. Several studies show that different types of diabetes drugs, along with a healthy lifestyle, the chances of diabetes can cut in a high-risk individuals. A clinical trial, the Diabetes Prevention Program conducted by the National Institutes of Health, found that people who may have a high risk for developing type 2 diabetes (diabetes or prediabetes borderline), this risk be reduced by 31% when changes to the diabetes drug metformin prescription along with lifestyle and diet.

That’s good. But the NIH study also showed that the risk of diabetes was reduced only by intensive lifestyle changes (especially diet and exercise counseling).

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